(very rough and incomplete draft, come back later)

Written below is as set of essays on some of the core ideas that guide my life’s work. I’ve been told they’re useful, and I decided it was time I shared them. I’ve also added a post on some of my personal ambitions in case you find it interesting to see how I’ve applied these ideas on the largest scale to my own life.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, leave a comment on the respective post, or send me an email at Kevin@ChallengeHunter.com.

  1. Seeing the System
    1. The most bizarre and important implication of the System
    2. People make sense
    3. Practicing your System Perspective
  2. The Nature of Problems
    1. Don’t go for the head fake
    2. 5 Strategies for spotting Errors
  3. The Nature of Solutions
    1. 5 Leverage Points
  4. Children of the Story
  5. My Ambitions
  6. Appendix
    1. Case Study #1: “I’m frustrated”
    2. Case Study #2: “I don’t know what I want to do”

My ambitions